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Fudge The Rabbit Pendant Necklace

The latest design by local jewellery maker Aviv Mirkin is inspired by none other than her own beloved pet rabbit, Fudge. Handmade from sterling silver, the pendant can be described as none other than a product of love. Aviv spent nearly three weeks simply perfecting the carvings on the tiny pendant to resemble Fudge as closely as possible. The pendant comes with a 45cm silver necklace, which can be altered on request, as well as a beautiful poem written about Fudge the bunny. It's important to add that 10% of all profits from the bunny pendant are donated to the Happy Rabbit Rescue charity. Aviv carefully selected this charity, which rescues abandoned rabbits from the wild and finds suitable and loving homes for them. The bunny pendant necklace retails for R750 and is available from Photograph Lauren Bubb