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Capetonian fashion photographer Simon Deiner, is a veteran fashion week photographer having snapped the likes of Cape Town and Joburg Fashion Week for the past few years. Charlotte von Fritschen recently chatted to him about how this year's Cape Town show - from 13-16 July - will be even more dazzling and got his thoughts on the local fashion industry...   Describe Cape Town Fashion Week viewed through your lens. Through the lens, Cape Town Fashion Week is a blur of shows and fast-paced action. Which past fashion weeks have you officially photographed? I began shooting at the very first Cape Town Fashion Week all those years back!  And since then it feels like I’ve photographed every single SA fashion week. Almost. Which designer showcase are you most looking forward to? To be honest, it's tough to choose. I love the designers that get the 'show' aspect right, yet still offer fantastic clothes. Any stories or 'wow' moments from fashion weeks past? I have lots of crazy moments with my team.  People underestimate how hectic it gets for us - it's a 20 hour day for a solid week. 'Wow' moments include looking back at all the awesome people I've had the opportunity to meet and become friends with. How do you want to capture South African fashion? I think it's about showing that African fashion is not about zebra prints and wax cloth prints (although both have their place!).  It's also about proving that our top designers can really offer creativity and design to match the best in the world. You’ve worked internationally - how does the SA fashion industry compare? I think top South African photographers compete pretty well with our international counterparts, but overseas they have bigger budgets, bigger model pools, and bigger markets. We cannot compete with the sheer scale of their industry. How do you think live internet broadcasting will impact the show this year? It was time to take advantage of the growth of broadband, and more importantly, a tech-savvy audience that wants to be involved but cannot necessarily be at fashion week.  It's also about opening up the shows to a wider audiences, and whilst we've always put the shows online, doing it in real-time adds a unique dynamic in that people watching hopefully feel some of the atmosphere of the event. Visit Simon's website here.   To find out more about 2011 Cape Town Fashion Week visit the Cape Town Fashion Council website or phone them on 021-461-4696.