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freeRange jewels

If you're looking for locally produced designer jewellery with a bit of alternative flair, freeRange Jewels at Cape Town's trendy Cape Quarter has you covered. Started by jewellery designer Marelé Moolman in 2007, freeRange Jewels specialises in bespoke pieces handcrafted locally in their Green Point studio. 'There are very few jewellery stores in the country who can boast that,' says Marelé. 'I challenge you to find three!' Because they only stock their own jewellery, freeRange Jewels practices an uninhibited design philosophy. 'As designer I have the great pleasure of translating my natural surroundings into jewellery,' explains Marelé. 'This range represents an alternative design ethic which is not hampered, nor under restraint. We are free to explore beyond the boundaries set by the commercial market.' Alternative materials like African blackwood, enamel and modeling clay (used in the peas-in-a-pod earrings above), are just a few of the unusual elements you'll see in the freeRange Jewels collection. Marelé also works with traditional materials in untraditional ways. Her pairing of 18ct yellow gold and silver in the black diamond sunflower ring, and use of oxidised silver in the smokey quartz fleur de lis ring (both pictured), show her innovative style work. Unlike other designer jewellers, freeRange Jewels considers all budgets. 'Our store comes without the pressure of a regular jewellery store, no buzzer, no gate, no intimidating staff selling to reach a target,' assures Marelé. 'A client looking for a R750 gift will get the same treatment as the one buying a bespoke 2ct diamond ring from us. I guarantee this!' Visit the freeRange Jewels Facebook Page for more information, or visit their concept store at the Cape Quarter, 27 Somerset Road, Green Point. Prices are as follow: Silver earrings with black diamond veins - R4 450 Garnets, smokey quartz & black spinel faceted beads with hand forged silver clasp - R8 510 9ct rose gold and silver diamond ring - R4 300 18ct yellow gold and silver peridot frog ring - R1 300 18ct yellow gold and silver sunflower ring set with Black diamonds - R7 365 18ct yellow gold and silver smokey quartz flower box ring with citrine and diamond details - R26 260 18ct yellow gold and silver fleur de lis ring - R18 900 Silver gild and modelling clay peas-in-a-pod earrings - R2 800