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Fragile Histories & Fugitive Lives

Cape Town’s BRUNDYN + GONSALVES gallery presents a dual exhibition by established local artists Keith Dietrich and Elizabeth Gunter this week. In Keith Dietrich’s Fragile Histories, he explores the atrocities of the 1970’s trials in the Cape; looking at the cross pollination of cultures and the tensions that existed in the region during its colonisation. Incorporating text taken from the trials in a series of photomontage triptychs, Keith takes a deeper look at the injustices of the times. Elizabeth Gunter’s Fugitive Lives studies themes of duality within birth and death, questioning themes of weakness/ strength, soft/ hard and fleetingness/ endurance. She does so with a collection of tenderly rendered drawings and miniature sculptures of animals in their formative stages. The show will run from 10 October to 21 November at BRUNDYN + GONSALVES, 71 Loop St, Cape Town. Call them on 021-424-5150  for more information.