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Four & Twenty Pie Dish

The Four and Twenty Black Birds Pie Dish caught our eye as part of online local design store Meekel’s Christmas wish list. Cape Town product designer Michael Chandler’s playful expression of the devilish birds has us tickled, not to mention it’s a colour combo we’ll never tire of. Fascinated by heritage with a bent for the decorative iconography of the Cape, Michael has been creating some wonderfully inspired designs (remember the Phrenology vase?), one of them being the Four and Twenty Black Birds Pie Dish. Ring a bell? It should. Based on the popular children’s nursery rhyme, Sing a Song of Sixpence, in which four and twenty blackbirds fly out of a pie, Michael’s whimsical take on the blackbirds sees them as his design focus. Hand-painted in black and white and then glazed onto earthenware with sensual curves to boot, the dish is 27 cm in diameter and bears the maker's mark on the underside. This dish is just one of the lust-worthy items on the Meekel gift guide, put together by creators Kerry and Bobby Hugill with all budgets in mind. The Four and Twenty Black Birds Pie Dish retails for R350. Purchase it online through Meekel or email them at