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For the Time Being

This month, Rina Stutzer's For the Time Being exhibition opens at the Everard Read Gallery. Focussing predominantly on the ‘nomadic’ as a theme, Stutzer explores this within a South African context. Her current body of work looks at the notion of the ‘nomadic’ as a state of flux and change on many levels – informed by her exploration of the philosophical theory around nomadic discourse by Delueze and Guatarri. The theme manifests in paintings and drawings based on impermanent dwellings such as caravans, tents and construction (pumpkin) huts. Stutzer explains: 'These dwellings are, in my opinion, inherent to this idea of temporal (fleeting) and temporary settlement and constant re-settlement. The nomadic way allows for "searching" for meaning and truth. These motifs imply a sense of curiosity, adventure, exploration and research which is integral to our very being as South Africans and is tied in with our history, geography and existence.' Reflecting the temporal subject matter of her work, For the Time Being features Stutzer's latest foray into ‘painting’ with acid on copper plate and paper – a technique which produces an ever-changing image. The materials used in each piece are physically transitory thanks to the chemical composition of acids or patinas and the physical composition of copper plate or rag paper. For this process she embraces Wabi-Sabi – an aspect of the eastern philosophy that states that nothing is complete, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to view digital prints of the original painting at the time of completion alongside the present artwork. The experience allows viewers to see how the images have grown and changed through the oxidation process. The show runs from 8 to 27 November, 2012, at the Everard Read Gallery, Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank. For more information visit