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For the Love of Concrete

Local firm Boogertman + Partners Architects recently scooped two Fulton Awards for the design of the Fairscape Precinct in Gaborone, Botswana. A first for the capital city, the precinct offers mixed-use living with apartments, retail space and offices combined. But what really appeals to design-minded folk like us is the precast concrete shroud that wraps the buildings. This concrete diagrid structure is load-bearing, the first of its kind in Africa and is beautiful to boot. More like a concrete web than a structural solution, we love the geometric effect that this 'cloak' has on the landscape. They've also planted the surrounding grounds with drought-hardy, indigenous plants and there's a central piazza with an attractive water feature. The Fairscape Precinct is a sign of things to come in the commercial building sector and is taking the Gaborone cityscape to new heights. More from Boogertman + Partners here. P.S. Look out for our piece on Boogertman + Partners' future forward EY head office in the upcoming September issue!   READ MORE: Mysteriously alluring concrete design Why do concrete floors? Concrete is a 2015 trend newsletter_aug Find quiet opulence and natural splendour in your copy of the August 2015 Luxury issue, on sale now!