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Fondant Textiles

The aptly named homeware and fabric brand, Fondant Textiles, was launched in 2011 by textile designer Nicola Jane Fryer. Her childhood spent growing up in Southern England and visiting historic houses and palaces fuelled her creative passion. As she says, ‘my love of textiles in fashion and interiors, and of historical objects that reminded me of my grandparents’ era and childhood memories, became a recurrent thread’. She found that the French word ‘fondant’, implying charm and sweetness, had meaning that would also apply to her work. Naturally, her collection includes two dominant themes that perfectly encapsulate this name: culinary inspired objects and an implicit sense of nostalgia. Nicola explains, ‘I am consistently inspired and fascinated by memory, of images and objects of a historical nature, and like to take these into a contemporary place using new scales and repeats. By using the medium of hand printed fabrics, the end user can appreciate the past within the context of the present’. The range comprises familiar everyday household items like hand screenprinted natural fabrics in the form of table linens, cushion covers, placemats, napkins and tea towels. Currently you can find these objects in understated blues, charcoals and gold hues, but Nicola is also working on introducing new colours to the range soon. Other upcoming projects include ‘interpreting a food historian's drawings of old fashioned sweetrollers into a fresh, whimsical printed fabric’. We can't wait to see what she does next! The brand also supports the 2014 World Design Capital campaign where Cape Town will be in the spotlight as an ambassador of great design. We can certainly see her novel designs appealing to the discerning local market and being a positive representative of the diverse local talent. For more information visit or email for pricing details.