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FOM Sandals

Freedom of Movement aka FOM, recently launched their first range of luxury men's and ladies' sandals at Design Indaba Expo. Dubbed fomflops, the sandals are made from fine leather and finished off with a rubber sole to ensure durability and comfort.

The ladies have three different colours to choose from and one leather and two canvas variation straps, while the men's range include a variation of four different strap designs, two leather and two canvas variations.

The proudly South African company aims to embody the spirit of freedom and encourages their consumers to live a life that reflects the true identity of each individual. All their products are handcrafted by their artisans and most of their raw materials are sourced from local tanneries and textile manufacturers. From a small idea and a sewing machine, the these two bothers from Stellenbosch now employ 9 people.

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