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Floor finishes

Interior designer and design trend expert Michelle Trimborn from Design Quarters offers her advice: "There are solid timber, laminate and re-engineered timber floors – you must check that they butt up to the adjoining floor at the same level. There are vast variations in pricing and durability, and visual and physical warmth characteristics. These are generally not good for wet areas." "There are beautiful wood look vinyl flooring options – they look very realistic, are cost effective, durable and they solve the floor level issue as they are 3mm thin. These are excellent for wet areas. There are also custom-designed graphic vinyl floors available." "There are cement screeds, cork resin solutions, polished stone and tile solutions. They are versatile, but have varying durability. Make sure you have a good cement slab underneath these before starting." "When it comes to epoxy paint, cement paint and floor paint, make sure you use a reputable applicator. Also, a good cement slab base is critical." "Then there is carpeting of course – from wool to polyester, the options and prices are endless. I suggest speaking with an expert about what would work best in your home before you go ahead as it depends on a number of factors, including the existing flooring and the sort of look you envision."   Image of flooring: Floors Direct   Have you got a particular question about a decor, food, or DIY issue? Email it to and we’ll do our best to answer it!