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Floey the florist

Durban florist Floey Vanderplank was lucky enough to grow up in Melmouth, Kwa-Zulu Natal, where her parents grew and exported roses, so she developed a natural understanding and love for flowers at an early age. Her childhood set the foundation for a blooming career in floristry, and after managing a florist shop in Durban she’s taken the bold leap of opening her own bespoke artisan floristry, very simply named Floey. Floey believes flowers are the mark of the most momentous occasions in our lives. ‘I’m inspired by the vibrant colours and shapes of the flowers themselves. Beautiful and interesting designs can be a little unexpected too, and not what one would ordinarily expect to see from an arrangement, but rather what works well together,’ says Floey of her work. Floey works very closely with her clients and loves the creative freedom having her own business has given her. She also hosts regular floristry workshops at local restaurant Green with Envy. Book in and learn how to arrange centre pieces for your next dinner party, or create your own Christmas wreaths.  Courses start from R550, including flowers and refreshments. Sign up for a course, or book for your next event at, or call her on 082-782-2318. Text: Nadia van der Mescht Nadia is a creative consultant who has a passion for locally crafted products.  She works with fellow creatives to build their brand, online presence and press portfolio. Creativity with integrity is her motto. Read her blog at