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Assemble Your Own Flat-Packed Home

Leckie Studio

A very special project that ties in with the Tiny House Movement is taking place in Vancouver. The Backcountry Hut Company, which is part of Leckie Studio, is redefining the way we approach future housing developments by launching a prototype for a flat-packed cabin that is delivered to your site to build your very own small home. Essentially, as Dezeen noted, this genius project means that homes are now being approached in a similar way to pre-packed furniture items from the likes of IKEA. In this case, the double-storey huts are especially designed for outdoors enthusiasts and back country explorers who need a residence in remote areas. download-2 The prefabricated kit used to build the structure comprises wood posts and beams that are used to create a skeleton that's then filled with prefab panels and a simple nail-on window system. Both the walls and the roof panels are light enough to carry and can be put in place using a pulley system. One of the major highlights is the fact that the cabins are very easy to put together, and groups of laymen from the community can easily achieve the end structure together. The concept is also modular, so owners can adjust the size and set-up of the cabin to suit their needs and depending on how much space they require. Similarly, there's plenty room for customisation, with a range of different interior and exterior add-ons available. download-1 Of course, the tiny cabins are also very eco-friendly and tread very lightly on the earth. Housing that's both sustainable and affordable will no doubt play an essential role in our lives going forward. Already, The Backcountry Hut Company has seen interest from private developers and individuals who want to employ their prototypes in urban areas too. Who knows, this could be a great solution for South Africa down the line too. For more information on this project visit Save Save Save Save