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Fieldcandy Tents

Ensure your next camping trip translates into ‘glamping’ instead with our ‘Let’s go Glamping’ feature on page 123 of our March Small Spaces issue. If you aren’t prepared to ‘rough’ it, HL has compiled a list of must-have glamping products together with some pointers to make you feel more at home in the great outdoors. Ideal for pulling off the glamping look – even in your backyard – are these unusual tents from Fieldcandy, which will amp up the personality factor in a big way. From the ‘Men Only' shed and ‘Bricks and Mortar’ look, to ‘What a Melon’ (featuring a giant watermelon), and even a ‘Rule Britannia’ tent covered in the Union Jack, the designs are fresh and guaranteed to get you spotted. Not only fun to look at, the tents are also easy to pitch and will see you through many seasons. Made using high-quality materials to combat the most dreadful weather, these UK-produced tents combine their practical use with an edgy, artistic finish. There are several intriguing designs to choose from, each originating from well-known artists, fashion designers and photographers, whose works of art have been cleverly printed onto the tents. We predict that you’ll soon find these at the trendiest music festivals around, like Glastonbury abroad and Rocking the Daisies back home. Not yet sold in South Africa, you can order your Fieldcandy tent online from which ships worldwide. They’re priced from around R5 400 (£395), with prices varying according to the design.