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FELT Bicycles

Best known for their road, mountain and track bikes, FELT also manufacture and design super-stylised beach cruisers. They're now available in South Africa, and we’re lusting after one of the gorgeous retro bikes to get us to the beach and back. The sweeping frames and fenders give a stylish silhouette while the upright handlebars and spring saddles always deliver a silky smooth ride. Each FELT bike – be it high-end performance or beach cruiser – makes the cycling experience the best it can be through clever engineering and high-quality finishes. This professional cycling brand was born in America in the late 1980s when Jim Felt, a Californian motocross mechanic at the time, designed and built a triathlon bike for famous motocross star Johnny O’Mara, and the classic American styling continues through the brand design today. FELT Cruiser Vivi Ladies 17”, R6 499 FELT Beaumont, R7 499 FELT Cruiser Squealer Men 21”, R8 999 FELT LUV 26”, R6 499 FELT Red Baron, R7 499 For more information or to find a distributor near you, visit