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donate to the Fees for All NPO


The debate around the cost of tertiary education in South Africa is a prevalent one. Everyone has the right to education and there is a great need for solid support systems that enable eager students to learn - no matter what. Fees For All is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide equal opportunities for all learners who wish to pursue tertiary education in South Africa. The vast majority of learners in our country are unable to afford tertiary education once they leave school. Fees For All believes that the solution to this problem is for those who are more fortunate to recognise the importance of rectifying this reality – by taking an involved approach and donating to the cause. Education need not be a luxury in today's society. holding-images3 This is where you come in. By investing in this cause, you are investing in someone's life in a sustainable and meaningful way - you are giving someone the opportunity to make their mark on the world. It's about being an integral part of transformation at its most fundamental level. By providing funding for underprivileged students who qualify for a law degree but can’t afford the study fees, this dedicated non-profit organisation believes South Africa will become a better place for all. To donate R30, SMS your name to 42041 or visit to learn about the numerous other ways in which you can contribute to this great cause.