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Eva Solo Bird Feeder

This summer, haute cuisine isn't just for humans. With the new Eva Solo Bird Feeder from Yuppiechef, you'll not only add a little contemporary style to your patio, but you'll also provide the local bird life with a five-star dining destination. While the Eva Solo Bird Feeder is made from mouth-blown glass, it's stronger than it looks. The crystal clear bauble is designed to withstand wind, rough weather and the flurry of beating wings. At just 20cm in diameter and 12cm in width, the feeder can be easily suspended from bushes, trees and the eaves of your home. Although the Eva Solo Bird Feeder is only suitable for small birds, it's clear design makes admiring these quick and flighty specimens incredibly easy. It's a great gift for first-time and experienced bird watchers alike. The Eva Solo Bird Feeder is priced at R500 and available from