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Etsy Durban Craft Party

On the 20th of June, Etsy  the international ecommerce site is celebrating community and craft around the globe. Etsy offers a platform for creatives the world-over to sell their products online and reach millions of users in their quest to sell and market their products. The company is based in Brooklyn, New York and has forever changed the perception of handmade, craft and the creative community.  We chat to Nadia van der Mescht, the organiser of the Durban Etsy Craft Party to find out more about this global event, which is being hosted in South Africa for the first time. How did you come to organise the Durban Etsy Craft Party? I applied on Etsy to host the Durban party and was delighted to receive approval and feedback from Etsy. This is the first time that the party will be celebrated in South Africa and in particular, Durban. I have setup a wonderful committee to assist with everything from decor to the craft activity prep! Who is taking part? A range of creatives are attending including some of Durban’s best known crafters as well as enthusiasts, who are looking for a fun night out. There are also a range of sponsors on board, including In Good Company, Consol Glass and Washi Bug. How many people are attending the Durban party? Over seventy creatives will be joining in the fun. The event is sold out and the response has been both exciting and overwhelming. What part does Etsy play in the overall event? Etsy facilitates the event and provides ideas, supplies and support. They don’t however provide a budget for the party which the Durban party has covered by charging a small fee at the door. Is there a theme for the party? Yes, the theme this year is Community, which is particularly apt as the trend is apparent on a range of platforms and within society. There is also a strong focus on crafting and being creative and I have a fun activity planned with lovely supplies! To read more about the party read Nadia’s blog or visit Etsy. Interview by Fathima Kathrada of Happiness Is  and Nadia van der Mescht.