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Inside the lustrous new Bar Roc

The ultimate urban retreat for discerning luxury travellers, Ellerman House has a decadent new offering. Located in Bantry Bay, the hotel prides itself on its exclusivity, privacy and spectacular Atlantic Ocean views, while also boasting an extensive collection of South African art. With 11 rooms, two suites and two ultra-modern three-bedroom villas as well as a tranquil spa, modern eatery, terraced indigenous gardens and a wine gallery, Ellerman House's latest addition comes in the form of Bar Roc. Designed by interior design company Okha, the bar makes use of a raw, brutal and sumptuous material palette that emits an evocative lustre. We chatted to designer Adam Court about the space. While the name points to the inspiration behind Bar Roc, can you go into more detail on deciding on the inspiration and why? The concept of the bar was founded on two rather opposing visual styles: Japanese reductionist minimalism and the rather decadent glamour of the post-war Italian Baroque aesthetic. The idea of taking opposing visual languages and allowing the essence of each to accentuate the other was very appealing and served the aim of a 'naked maximalism'. Describe the bar in three words.  Seductive, sophisticated, evocative. What was the most challenging part of designing the new bar?  Completing the project in the very narrow timeline we had, and bringing light into the low-ceilinged space, which was once incredibly dark and gloomy. Creating new window bays, removing all the doors, and the extensive use of white terrazzo and white walls and ceilings remedied that. The design and vision of the bar was clear and succinct in my mind from the outset, and it remained defined and exact throughout the process. And the most enjoyable experience?  Nell Harris at Ellerman House was a great client: passionate, adventurous, visionary, and a brave and decisive decision maker. Nell and our small team of highly skilled and dedicated contractors and artisans were a pleasure to work with. Where did you source furniture, fittings and decor from?  All furniture and all light fittings were designed by Okha specifically for the project. These tailored, custom items are unique to Bar Roc. What is your favourite part of the space?  The brass bar is a magical place; an ethereal, otherworldly zone. As the sun descends and the interior starts to resonate and glow, it feels as though one enters into another magical realm. What were the main materials used?  The range of materials used was kept very narrow as we wanted each material to express itself with clarity. We used white terrazzo, polished solid brass, black Fenix board and of course the natural backdrop of stone and rock. A gold look plays a strong role in the interior design – what is the reason for this?  The polished brass acts as a lustrous and decadent counterpoint to the simple flat white walls and the organic stone and rock. The myriad reflections in the brass also provide a playful fantasy aspect to the space and recall a timeless glamour. Visit for more details or to make a booking.