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Elevate the Ordinary

The trend that we highlighted for 2016 towards the transformation of ordinary objects through luxurious materials is good news for anyone with an appreciation for opulence but a more conservative budget. It means that it’s now possible to bring beautiful, lavish accents into the home without having to lay a marble floor or lace your counter tops with gold. This development also helps to encourage a renewed appreciation for the mundane objects in our lives that we tend to take for granted – you can’t help but be awestruck on seeing run-of-the-mill items like pens, staplers and jars dressed in king’s clothes. As an illustration, here are a few of the reimagined household products we’re coveting right now.

the golden clipper

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This elegant gold-plated nail clipper from furniture and accessories company HAY will certainly add a touch of opulence to your grooming routine.

the marble tray

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Imagine serving your guests tea on this indulgent beauty rather than a conventional plastic or wooden tray. It's made from a single piece of solid marble and available from Country Road at Woolworths.

the copper office accessories

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Tom Dixon's upmarket Cube Collection of stationery adds luxe shine to any work regimen. Crafted from a zinc alloy and plated with copper, the pieces in the range include a stapler, tape dispenser, desk tidy tray and pen that are both eye-catching and minimalist.

the marble and brass vase

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Featuring a white marble body with a thick brass ring at its base, this tall vase by Belgian designer Michaël Verheyden is a regal statement piece on its own, even without a bouquet of flowers in it.

the precious metal pen

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Writing has never looked so plush thanks to these stately ballpoint pens from British design brand Minimalux. The company has elevated the traditional pen with these sophisticated versions in gold, rose gold, rhodium, black rhodium and brass. The brand also makes equally beautiful solid sterling silver and copper pill tubes for storing your tablets and vitamins in style.

the noble warmer

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This hammered copper and marble food warmer by Canadian product designer Garth Roberts transforms a functional item into a work of art. It was inspired by the traditional Dutch oven and camping stove and elevated through the use of grand materials, and it comes with a matching copper spoon and marble spoon rest.

the copper doorstop

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Who would have thought that something as simple as a doorstop could look so lovely? Tom Dixon has transformed this utilitarian object into a statement piece through clever design and the use of copper plating. The doorstop is available from Crema.