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An 18th-century hotel in Edinburgh gets a tropical makeover

Nicholas Worley
Eden locke Although we think of beautiful Scotland as being typically grey and wet, New York studio Grzywinski+Pons has ventured in a polar-opposite direction with their minimal-tropical makeover of Edinburgh's Eden Locke hotel. What started out as an austere, 18th-century Georgian mansion was completely stripped down and reimagined in Grzywinski+Pons' signature style. Pastel-coloured walls, ample greenery, wicker furniture and large windows contrast with the ancient stone exterior that creates an interesting mix of sophistication and mod-tropical style. Eden locke Created for travellers who are looking for more than just a bed and a shower, the hotel aims at immersing guests in the neighbourhood's culture – Eden Locke is described as a 'design-led aparthotel for those who want to challenge the status quo, and experience the unique and authentic'. This innovative thinking is visible in the hotel's design, and its impeccable curation in particular. Eden locke After stepping through a glassed-off entrance, the ground-floor cafe and bar area features soothing green walls, knitted floor cushions and plant-filled terracotta pots. Yellow pendant lights hang above the bar, adding a metaphorical dash of sunshine to the room. Unique areas, such as an all-white corner, provide visual interest while breaking up the open-plan setting. Eden locke For the rooms, Grzywinski+Pons accentuated the high ceilings and lofty space of the original building while creating a more intimate, 20th-century feel. A staircase links the bathrooms and kitchens to the centre of the suites and leads up to the bedrooms, which is perhaps the most playful aspect of the entire design. Here, pale walls are livened up with splashes of vibrant yellow and an array of soft pinks and technicolour throws and decorative items punctuate the space. So, if you find yourself in Edinburgh anytime soon, do check in to the beautiful Eden Locke hotel. After seeing this, a trip to Scotland might very well be on the cards for us, too... Visit for more details.