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East2Africa in Woodstock

East2Africa is all about combining old-world charm and craftsmanship with contemporary styling and functionality. If you are looking for an unusual piece to make a statement in your home, this is where you'll find it. A focal piece like a wood and iron trolley coffee table is sure to add an eclectic flare to any room. With an exotic theme running throughout the range, from upstyled classics to steampunk definitive pieces, this collection speaks of character and surprise. We particularly love the clever re-purposing of vintage furniture elements, for example the use of recycled wood to create plasma units to suit modern lifestyles. Other pieces include iron console tables, cello chairs, iron cinema chairs, wood and iron benches and architectural accents like vintage wooden carved doors. East2Africa is owned and run by Roelof Brink, a self-styled ‘tinker’, traveller, trader and style guru with a passion for the east. The vast new showroom in Woodstock’s design hub offers exciting collections of furniture, ornaments and conversation pieces imported from India, and soon, from Indonesia and other regions. East2Africa also provides an interior design turnkey service with project management and interior styling. You'll find them at 445A Main Road, Salt River Circle, Salt River. Contact 021-448-6562 or visit for more information. Text Zelda Hamilton Photographs via