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Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson is known for creating products that her customers can connect with and things that people will treasure. Her specialties are furnishings for the home, clothing accessories, "odd objects" like stationery and hot water bottles, and perhaps most notably for decor lovers, her beatiful collection of ceramics. Originally from Scotland, Donna runs a studio and workshop in London with the help of her hardworking team, who knit, sew, pack and distribute her lovely products to fans across the globe. Her latest range of ceramics include these beautiful dinner plates and beakers. Eating off and drinking out of these treasures are sure to make you smile - and win some brownie points with your guests. Kaleidoscope Dinner Plate: Larger than the standard plates (27cm in diameter), with a scattered Kaleidoscope pattern to decorate your dinner. Made from Bone China, these retail at about R300. Meg Plate: Serve your dinner on Meg's friendly face plate (20cm in diameter). It's handmade and printed in Stoke-on-Trent, England. 100% Bone China, it costs about R250. Owl Plate: TWIT TWOO I'M NEW - Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this wise little fellow. He looks lovely nestled inside the Kaleidoscope Dinner Plate or Birdy Walk Dinner Plates too (sold separately). 100% Bone China, it measures 20cm in diameter and costs about R250. Wolfie Beaker, Ingrid Beaker and Owl Beaker: Drink your morning cuppa with this friendly faced Wolfie, charming little nordic doll face and Colourful Bright Owl Beaker. Also handmade, printed in Stoke-on-Trent, England and made from 100% Bone China (10cm x 7cm in diameter). Around R160. All available from