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Displaying photos

Gone are the days of a simple framed or block-mounted poster or photograph. The new age in digital graphics means a whole new world of personalisation is possible, using digital magic to create your own personal graphic statements. ArtLab is a very special digital imaging facility - combining extreme technology and creativity opens up new horizons in how you present your images to the world. Below are some of the suggestions they have for displaying your personal images around the home. Stretched Canvas Stretched canvas is a still a terrifically cost-effective and visually powerful statement, but now we can go so much further in applying effects and manipulating images to put a personal stamp on your imagery. Modern inks and materials mean that these products are now warranted for life making them far more suitable for heirloom purposes. ArtLab not only prints photo or art images but they also explore the new popular trend in typographic works, where you can for example display motivational statements and other quirky bits and pieces. A very important part of the process is that they only use Obeche non-warp timber for all their stretching. Custom Wallpapers An exciting new trend is in custom wallpapers and this is where ArtLab really shines. They can create the most stunning visuals from your artwork or brief using really exciting new technologies like their unique Cruse scanner. This device allows them to capture images of large textures and originals at up to 1.5 billion pixels of resolution. Any image you have or can imagine can be created or transformed into a wall of delight.  And it is surprisingly cost-effective too. Glass or Acrylic Another 'newfangled' option ready for your creative input is the printing of images reversed on vinyls and applied to glass or acrylic. This new technique rivals patented and far more expensive options and gives you a high quality, vibrant piece like no other. These are then mounted off your wall with lugs and give a really sophisticated effect at minimal cost. ArtLab has also recently pioneered printing directly to cotton textiles and fabrics, opening up even more opportunities for showing off your images on custom fabrics, home furnishings, cushions, etc. You can find more information about this new and exciting option in the Fabric Printing section of their website. To get in touch you can call 021-448-1421 or visit the ArtLab website at They have a comprehensive site that will give you an exciting vision of all your different digital printing options.