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Disco Lights that Dance

Looking to impress your friends, family and colleagues this festive season? Then best you hire out that town hall and install this multisensory light sculpture on the dance floor. Designed by tech entrepreneur Alex Asseily, alongside industrial design studio Goodwin Hartshorn and lighting and tech experts Haberdashery, this sound responsive 'disco ball' dubbed DiscoDisco reacts to external sound, filling a space with ephemeral, transient light. It's playful, beautiful and probably something you'll want to take home with you. The prototype was on a roadshow across Europe earlier this year, finishing at the London Design Festival design junction in October. According to a report on Haberdashery's website, DiscoDisco has been shortlisted for a DARC lighting award. You're likely to be able to commission one of these beauties from Haberdashery at a pretty price. The company says that while it was originally designed to resemble a 'traditional' disco ball, the DiscoDisco can also sit along one single spine, with its fins expanding outwards to fill a space vertically too. Watch the video below: DiscoDisco - a sound responsive light sculpture from haberdashery on Vimeo.