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Dirty Indigo T-Shirts

The T-shirts designed by Dirty Indigo are unmistakably inspired by a need for authentic ‘localism’. The slogans, details and wording celebrate Durban and show an appreciation for the city and culture. Dirty Indigo describes their business as ‘an indigenously tailored product crafted the old school way’. The fact that the T-shirts are cut and sewn locally and printed using traditional handheld screens, certainly represents this belief. The printed designs tell an inspired story, representing the East Coast of South Africa at its best.  Priced between R150 and R220 in a wide range of styles, all T-shirts are available via Dirty Indigo or at their monthly I heart Market stand. To buy a unique T-shirt of your own or to learn more about Dirty Indigo, contact Tav on 071 637 9073. Text Nadia van der Mescht