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Detecting mold spores

Interior designer and design trend expert Michelle Trimborn from Design Quarters shares her advice with HL readers: "We asked one of our favourite architects, Perry Harrison-Hyde, to comment on this. He recommends a different angle of approach, namely, finding the source of the mold (in other words, the damp). If you are in Cape Town, we recommend Steven Munch from Able Plumbers/Smart Leak Detection (083-226-7417) to test your walls, floors or ceiling slab (if you have a concrete roof) for damp. Steven also has machinery that can assist with mold detection." "We also advise that you have your roof checked to ascertain how the moisture is accessing your roof. Once this is under control then the mold will start to die off. In addition, Perry also advises that ongoing ventilation is a vital part of the complete solution. Simply opening windows regularly is an enormous help. In the bathroom, try to bath or shower with the window open and in winter, for the not so brave (like us), open the window immediately after finishing and leave it open as much as possible. And if possible, we suggest installing a good quality extractor fan."   Image of house: Justin Patrick   Have you got a particular decor, food or DIY question? Email it to and we’ll get one of our experts to answer it!