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Design Indaba Expo Cut

Design Indaba Expo will not see another year, it has announced. According to an email sent out by Design Indaba on Wednesday 29 July, the Expo, which is well-known as the premium annual event for the creative industry in South Africa, will be replaced by a series of smaller events across the country. 'The limitations of hosting one event, in one venue, in one city, have become more apparent and we want to drive the Design Indaba platform to become even more inclusive,' it stated. While it recognised that the Expo helped inject R2.1 billion into the South African GDP over the past seven years, it motivated that the platform is confined to the Western Cape, and subsequently is not having enough impact for all South African creatives. However, the Expo was an aspect of the annual Design Indaba that offered the public affordable access to view innovative creations under one roof. The Emerging Creatives programme and the Most Beautiful Objects in South Africa award will survive the Expo but will also be evaluated to ensure improvement. 'While this sees the end of the expo model in its old format, the team is brimming with projects and plans for how to drive this growth even further through the next decade,' the announcement stated. Get the full statement here. To see exciting new creatives, make sure you book your tickets for the HL Night Market Cape Town!   READ MORE: Pantones matched to everyday objects 5 luxury items to love Book your Night Market tickets here