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De-clutter: Your Work Area

NY Times

Every year I vow to start afresh and do the whole de-cluttering thing - but do I ever get round to actually following through? Nope! So, this year I have promised myself that I will attempt to de-clutter (one room at a time) and try to keep my home and life as orderly as I can - the whole year! Bring on the challenge... Here are three tips that really helped me de-clutter and refresh my work space:

  1. Clear out your drawers and desk top: Drawers are great little spaces to hide (not store) things that don't have a 'proper' place. I constantly find myself saying 'I am just going to put this in the drawer and I'll put it away later'. Confession: I never put any of it 'away' because the truth is, there is no where else to put it! Do yourself a favour - go through your drawers and get rid of the those items that have been put there until 'later' - you haven't needed them so far and so you probably won't in the future.
  2. De-clutter your computer: There is nothing more distracting than a messy desktop. Pictures, word documents, spreadsheets... the list goes on. When you have an hour sit down at your computer and make folders which can be used to neatly tuck away any strays sitting not so pretty on your desktop. As you go through them you can trash the ones you no longer want or need and don't forget to empty your trash can when you are finished!
  3. Recycle: Pretty much everything can be recycled these days in one way or another so when you are cleaning out your work space remember to recycle as much as you can - there is nothing wrong with saving the planet while you clean! Take your unwanted papers, books or magazines to your nearest recycling point.
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