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De-clutter: Your Life

Womens Health Magazine

Every year I vow to start afresh and do the whole de-cluttering thing – but do I ever get round to actually following through? Nope! So, this year I have promised myself that I will attempt to de-clutter (one room at a time) and try to keep my home and life as orderly as I can – the whole year! Bring on the challenge… Here are five tips to help you de-clutter your life:

  1. Get into a routine: Group your chores. Instead of doing something several times a week do it once (for example: laundry). This will save you time and your sanity.
  2. Do what you love: Cut down on your commitments and focus what is most important to you - whether that is spending time with your family, working out in the gym or going for dinner with your better half - don't overwhelm yourself with too many commitments as you will feel tired and grumpy (and no one wants that!)
  3. Make time for yourself: Everyone needs some 'me time' - not to run away from reality but to recoup from day-to-day stress. Make sure to spend some time alone reading, writing or spend some one-on-one time with nature.
  4. Put down the electronic devices: Give your eyes and mind a break from your computer, tablet, television, cell phone, play station and other electronic devices. Try to have an electronics-free day and spend some quality time with loved ones without any distractions.
  5. And finally, leave your work at work: Probably one of the hardest things to do. Don't worry - you're not the only person who thinks about what they have to do at work tomorrow while cooking dinner, having a shower and while trying to get some much needed shut-eye. Try to leave all of your work at work and clear your mind. As soon as your master that - you will noticeably feel more relaxed.
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