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De-clutter: Your Home


Every year I vow to start afresh and do the whole de-cluttering thing – but do I ever get round to actually following through? Nope! So, this year I have promised myself that I will attempt to de-clutter (one room at a time) and try to keep my home and life as orderly as I can – the whole year! Bring on the challenge… Here are three tips that really helped me de-clutter and bring new life to my home:

  1. De-clutter one room at a time: It is easy to get overwhelmed when clearing out so try not to focus on it all at once. Start by sorting through one room at a time - this way you are not faced with it all in one go.
  2. Does it hold any value? (and I don't particularly mean monetary value). Pick up one item at a time and hold it in your hands - does this item mean anything to you? If not, is it really worth keeping?
  3. And lastly - get into your closet:  This is the mammoth task I avoid at all costs! Although - don't get me wrong - when I finally get into clearing out my inordinately full closet I could probably get rid of 50% of its contents (if I am being serious about the task at hand). Normally, I end up keeping 10% of the clothing and shoes I should get rid of because 'what if ...' Don't! Donate it - you're doing a good deed and your closet will thank you for giving it the space it so desperately needs.
*My main rule: donate anything and everything that has not been used in the last six months. Do you feel suffocated by your stuff? Read this article by the Daily Mail for more tips on how to deal with 'stuffocation'. Want more? Here are my tips on how to de-clutter your work area and here are my tips on how to de-clutter your life!