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Danielle Clough

Danielle Clough's embroidery is causing a stir in Cape Town, and her bright pink flamingo is just our favourite. 'It's the first flamingo I have done and in fact the first embroidery that wasn't a portrait. I wanted to challenge myself to do a bigger piece and play with directional textures,' says Danielle. 'But to be completely honest, I found a pink wool and was besotted with the colour. I also have a soft spot for flamingos and even have one tattooed on my calf, so it seemed like the natural choice of subject.' 'I have only done one, and most probably won't do another. I still have it, and I'm hoping it finds a good home.' Danielle does pieces on commission. You can mail her directly at for prices on commissions. Go to to see more work and view her photography on