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Daniel Naudé and Anton Kannemeyer

The Stevenson Gallery in Cape Town is hosting a simultaneous exhibition of two of South Africa’s most revered artists, namely Anton Kannemeyer and Daniel Naudé. Anton Kannemeyer’s exhibition entitled Such, Such Were The Joys includes paintings and sketches from his ongoing Alphabet of Democracy series, as well as the launch of The Erotic Drawings of Anton Kannemeyer. While it's safe to say that Kannemeyer’s works in his Alphabet of Democracy series can be described as extreme satire, he believes it is necessary for his works to be both critical and playful. The erotic drawings are all inspired by work he did for the Afrikaans publication Loslyf during the mid-nineties and will form part of a limited edition publication he is planning to release. Photographer Daniel Naudé will also exhibit works from one of his latest projects Sightings of the Sacred: Cattle in India, Uganda and Madagascar. He has been travelling the world photographing cattle from societies where they are revered and venerated not for their physical attributes but rather their spiritual value. His photographs, always naturally lit and minimally edited, emphasise the difference between the Western world and smaller societies. The exhibition runs until 24 May 2014 at the Stevenson Gallery, Buchanan Building, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. For more information, visit