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Perfect for when you need just a small amount of ground coffee, hand mills are the way forward for their vintage feel and thrill factor. We've added this Zassenhaus Hand Coffee Mill in particular to our winter wish list, for its old-school charm and fantastic results. This little gadget certainly has a knack for preserving the natural flavour of your coffee beans. Zassenhaus has been producing their range of hand crank coffee mills since 1867 - and have done a good job of perfecting this art. All their mills use hardened steel and are manufactured in the German city of Solingen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, the hub of high quality steel production in that corner of the world. Each mill also comes armed with fully adjustable grind, from coarse to Turkish fine grind, so you can decide on your coffee grind depending on your mood on that particular day. And they couldn't be easier to use! Simply rotate the thumb nut to find the grind you desire. Available locally from Kitchen Passion, the Zassenhaus Hand Coffee Mill retails at R950.