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Bosa's playful ceramics are a welcome addition to Créma Design

Kandti from Elena Salmistraro's Primate range.

When encountering the ceramic world of Bosa for the first time, it's immediately clear that its creations are something special. Established back in 1976 by Italo Bosa, Bosa remains one of the most interesting ceramic brands operating today. Inspired by the enchanting countryside of Borso del Grappa in Venice, Italy, Bosa began producing whimsical ceramics with a distinctly cosmopolitan edge. He would later enhance his vibrant, handmade pieces with precious metals like gold or platinum, developing the aesthetic Bosa is now known for. Since its conception, the company has partnered with some of the biggest names in design including Patricia Urquiola, Marco Morosini, Elena Salmistraro, Sam Baron and Jaime Hayon, and places a particular emphasis on collaborations with young European designers. Most recently, Salmistraro's Primate vases for Bosa made their debut at Salone del Mobile Milano 2017. The eclectic creations are a contemporary take on ancient Roman pottery, created during a time when objects were believed to have souls. 'The Primates collection is a powerful conceptual reminder that draws our attention to the delicate relationship that exists between man and ape,' says Elena. Fans of Bosa in South Africa will be pleased to know that these playful, artistic ceramics now form part of the stable of global design brands available locally through Créma Design. Visit for more details.
bosa Mandrillus from Elena Salmistraro's Primate range.

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