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Concrete Bowls

We just can't get enough of these contemporary concrete bowls. With backgrounds in architecture, 20 Eight celebrates their intimate love for design through creating beautiful concrete products. They want to express their ideas through their objects and choose to design for the purpose of making rather than making as a result of design. Their decorative concrete bowls are hand made of thin cast concrete. They chose to work with concrete mainly because of its popularity and the fact that its possibilities have not yet been fully explored. ‘We come from architectural backgrounds and find the honesty of material to be very important; we like to fully understand the materials that we work with in order to bring out the essence of it,’ says Inge De Beer, managing partner of 20 Eight Design. As featured in our previous article, their concrete range also includes pendant lights and jewellery infused with the same passion and love for design. The entire range is now available from and The concrete bowls retail from R340 each. For more information, visit or their Facebook page.