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Jog with the World

There's something very powerful about partaking in an activity that's also being held all over the world, and particularly when it's a to-do that's for a good cause. The upcoming Wings for Life World Run ticks both these feel-good boxes. This uplifting event takes place on 8 May 2016 and sees people in 34 different locations around the globe run for the sake of raising funds to go to research into treatment for spinal cord injuries. The South African version of the race takes place in Centurion, Pretoria (starting at the SuperSport Park) for the first time - it's been in Cape Town for the past few years. WingsforLife2 It's not your average run either. This is the only race in the world where the finish line comes up from behind you - a catcher car drives behind participants and ends their race when it overtakes them. This means that runners can set their own target, so anyone of any fitness level can take part, even those in wheelchairs. The event is meant to be a fun, positive experience for all, and the vibrant mood is shared via live-streaming with the world, so everyone can feel the excitement of the runners. Entry to the run costs R250 per participant and 100% of the fees and donations given will go to the cause. You can get more information about the event and register to participate at