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Colourful Cases

Not only is this range pretty to look at but it's also perfect for travelling and will make life so much easier when you've got your hands full. There's nothing worse than lugging around several bags and belongings while you're on the go - rather, keep your valuables safely stored in one of these bright Samsonite cases. Some of the handy functional features include a zipped inner pocket for your valuables, a protected zipper for added flexibility, cross ribbons in the top and bottom to hold your belongings in place, and a fixed TSA lock to keep your things safe while you travel. We also like that the diamond texture lessens the visibility of scratches. And the collection is easy on the eye too - it comes in a range of exciting metallic colours, including bronze, burnt orange, champagne, turquoise, graphite, ochre and plum. They are also available in various sizes, so whether you need a bigger case for covering longer distances or a smaller one for a weekend away, there's something to suit your needs. The prices are as follows: 55cm Case - R2,400 67cm Case - R2,600 74cm Case - R2,800 82cm Case - R3,000 Explore the beautiful Samsonite Bright Lite Diamond range here. 031-266-0620