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Colour in Your Workspace

Warren Heath; Nadette Clare Talbot; Micky Hoyle

You may have sniffed at the concept of colour therapy in the past, but there is certainly much to say about how colour affects us. We all know, for instance, that red is a power colour - it elicits confidence, focus and willpower. Blues are universally calming while yellow promotes focus and creativity. Black, grey or muted and natural palettes are best for a peaceful, quite and unintimidating space. MAY-2011-WARREN-HEATH   Too much or too little colour also affects your workflow. Too much can be disorientating while too little can leave you feeling uninspired and listless. Because everyone is different, when creating your workspace, consider the following: What will you be doing here? Is it creative or analytical? Do you require constant stimulation or do you need peace in order to focus? SEPTEMBER-2009-NADETTE-CLARE-TALBOT-copy With such a careful balance needed between your working area and how you feel when you're in it, it's best to try maintain a consistent and considered design decision and incorporate colour without overdoing it. You need just enough to keep your creative juices flowing! MICKY-HOYLE-JANFEB-2010 READ MORE: De-Clutter Your Work Area Top 5 Desk Swag 10 Home Offices