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Colour Connections

Gary Hinde is the owner of Kings Paint and Hardware, a one-stop paint, hardware and building supply store in Woodmead, Joburg. Kings carries a wide range of paint brands such as Plascon, Prominent and Dulux in addition to Meridien, the in-house label. He sat down with Bambina Olivares Wise recently to talk paint...   It's inconceivable to even start building or decorating a house without thinking of paint.  Is the purpose of paint only functional? The main purpose of paint is the protection of the surface that it covers. For most of us, the function of paint is to decorate and beautify our surroundings. Different colours have remarkable effects on space perception and also the mood that you are trying to create. Colour is creative in many aspects.   Apart from new colours coming out every season, how exciting can paint get?  Are there new breakthroughs in formulations, textures, sheens? Textures vary in the amount of sand that manufacturers add. Matte effects are very popular, but are not washable. Kings has many specialist products, some imported from Spain, that we recommend for smaller areas and feature walls, as the cost per square metre is higher than normal paint. Sheens are used in high traffic areas because they are very washable.   What colours are the ones to watch out for this coming spring for both exteriors and interiors? Exterior colours will still have an earthy trend , but chocolate colours will also start making their way onto a few trendy houses. Feature walls and passages will be bright, while the interior walls will be warmer and happier colours, like taupe colours. Farmhouse colours will also be a trend this summer. Organic blues and greens will also make an appearance.   If a client had a very limited budget for paint, and can only stick to one colour for the entire house, which one would you recommend? Chocolate brown. I have supplied roof paint for an entire house which worked very well. 011-802-3822   Tis the season for renovations, so don't be afraid to experiment with new colours and looks in your home. If you have any DIY questions for the HL team, please send them to and we'll do our best to respond to them!