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Colour Cocoons

794B3592_interieur light 794B3503_detail-ipad 794B3453 [1600x1200]_visuel-large Immerse yourself in colour! A light-therapy pod is the latest office chill-room fixture. Mycoocoon, whose founders created the Pantone Universe brand, partnered with chroma- and aromatherapists to create the colour cocoon experience: take a chromatest, then relax in the dome for a light bath with sounds and aromatherapy scents. The founders ultimate aim being to launch a worldwide project to improve well-being by balancing energy through colour experiences and natural emements that awaken the senses. Sounds wonderful, right?! When asked who would benefit more from Mycoocoon, chroma therapist Pierre Van Obberghen answers "Kim Jong Hill, Vladimir Poutine, Barak Obama and Silvio Berlusconi! They absolutely need to have one at home in order to relax! And it may be good if they can take a colour bath together, after that I recommend that they make a big hug!" On a more serious note in this time-poor era of relentless communication and connection Mycoocoon seems a great prescription. We see them popping up before too long at first class airport lounges, spas, and stressed out corporate offices. Bringing the trend to local shores is Hotpod yoga, a series of mobile inflatable pod studios offering heated Vinyasa yoga classes. The cocoon-like pods offer yogis a calming and comforting environment for their workout. For more info visit