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These graphic printed beach towels feel like summer

clinton Summer is well on its way and we're ready for long, lazy days spent poolside or on the beach. Thanks to these unique towels by Clinton Friedman, we can all kit ourselves out in style. With botanicals as the main inspiration, each print is created by Clinton himself, and is laid out in bold, minimalist arrangements. Clinton's love for a mod-tropical aesthetic began as far back as 1997 while he was studying visual art in Durban. He looked to the 'perfect imperfection' of plant life as inspiration, and he's continued to explore that contradiction in his work ever since. In 2003, he released a book of photographs titled Subtraction, which also marked the start of the Clinton Friedman brand. What really gained him momentum, however, was partnering with Swedes, Hakan and Anneli Ökmen. The duo spotted a decor piece in a South African hotel and Hakan immediately knew that he wanted to work with the designer responsible. After seeking Clinton out, he offered a simple proposition: to combine their skills and take his functional art around the world. And so, Hakan’s background in fashion and Clinton’s unusual eye came together in a worldwide brand that celebrates the ‘bold, graphic, absolute and honest’. Visit for more.
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