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Clean Graffiti, the online home and living store, have set new standards in South African outdoor advertising with their recently launched eco graffiti campaign. The stunt is the first of its kind in the country, using the concept of 'clean' graffiti to advertise their latest discounts. Clean advertising is created using a stencil on dirty walls or pavements and a commercial cleaning machine. When the stencil is lifted a graffiti-like message is revealed – the sharp contrast between clean and dirty replacing the usual spraypaint. The brainchild of Artads, eco graffiti combines the creative talent of street artists with an innovative and eco-friendly medium of communication. 'We have combined our love for art and passion for advertising and marketing to offer a very niche medium for brands to speak to their customers,' says Artads director, Varnia Jacobs. eco graffiti can be found at 20 locations throughout Cape Town. Each custom-made tag has a unique voucher code that offers passers by a discount on a purchase from If you've spotted a tag and want to redeem your discount, visit