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something's brewing in milan


One of the trends outlined by Dezeen in preparation for Milan Design Week, which kicks off today, is 'traditional regional crafts, rediscovered'. An increasing number of designers are using niche or traditional techniques to create contemporary products and art pieces, and South Africa's Christopher Jenner is no exception. The product designer has launched a new collection of ceramic homeware called Yixing (ee-shing), which is made out of rare purple zisha clay from Yixing in Eastern China and created in a style of pottery that can be traced back to the North Song Dynasty from 960 to 1127 AD. 'The material was the thing that attracted my attention,' says Jenner of his trip to the area three years ago. With the ability to retain heat while also being porous when fired, the clay allows flavours to be absorbed into the material over time, making each brew taste richer - in fact, zisha pots are renowned for being the best for brewing tea. If you happen to be in Milan, you can see the Yixing collection in person at Salone del Mobile on 4-9 April 2017. The range will be available to purchase online soon, so keep an eye on