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Chey Michau Jewellery

Chey Michau has worked for both local and internationally accredited jewellers, building a set of well-rounded skills. Her experience and elegant style led her to start her own brand in 2010, which has since flourished. Her hand-cut, lace-inspired earrings are a key piece in her Pearls, Crystals and Lace Collection. The earrings are dreamt up and skilfully designed, first on paper, then crafted from sterling silver in Chey’s Durban studio. Gentle texture is added through lightly beating and hammering the silver. The earrings have an irregular shape, which adds to their bespoke and organic nature. Freshwater pearls are surrounded in a halo of silvery lace, creating a wearable, yet feminine style. Versatile enough for everyday wear, at R795 per pair, these earrings are an investment in understated luxury. Add a touch of timeless elegance to your collection: contact Chey via or visit to see more of her designs. Text Nadia van der Mescht