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Chameleon Shoe Art

Imagine if you could wear the same pair of shoes every day but always look different. If New York-based company ShiftWear has its way, this might soon be a reality. The business has pioneered a concept shoe that wearers can customise using a smartphone app. The prototype sneakers are fitted with flexible HD display technology that offers users complete control over the design that appears on the side of the footwear. So all wearers would have to do is create or download a visual, press a button and the image or animation will appear on the outer layer of the kicks. The smart sneakers are set to charge while you’re walking, and the electronics are 100% waterproof, so you can just toss the shoes into the washing machine when needed. Incredible, right? It seems wearable tech really is the future. To get a better idea of how the concept would work if it goes to production – ShiftWear is hoping this will happen by mid-2016 – watch the brand’s video below. And if you want to get in on this great idea, pre-order a pair via Indiegogo.[/embed]