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Chalkboard Storage

It seems chalkboard paint has revolutionised how we customise our spaces. There is hardly a decorative object or blank wall that hasn't experienced a slathering of the draw-able surface. But large-scale chalkboard walls covered in dusty doodles aren't to everyone's taste. Thankfully neat freaks everywhere can still indulge in a little bit of chalkboard creativity on a smaller scale – in the pantry. Available from Poetry is a range of Memo ceramic pantry organisers, each sporting a small chalkboard canvas. Armed with a liquid chalk pen (perfectionists like precision), these simple jars can be easily customised with a description of the contents within. Ceramic and PVC lids are included with each jar to ensure the contents are kept airtight. Suddenly prefer quinoa to couscous? Linguine to penne? Simply wipe the chalkboard label with a cloth and water, and label again. The Memo range is priced from R70 - R199 and is available from