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Ceramics Southern Africa

Ceramics Southern Africa will host a regional exhibition showcasing an exciting selection of their members' ceramics at the Alphen Estate in Constantia. From tableware to artworks, the exhibition will include all genres of ceramics. In addition to the general exhibition there will also be a specially curated show divided into different categories: ceramics for use, ceramics for expression and a category for new signatures for first time exhibitors. This year’s specially curated exhibitors will be selected by an expert panel made up by Ann Marais, John Ellis and Cheryl Rumbak. Ceramics Southern Africa is a non-profit organisation founded in 1972 to promote and market their members' works and improve skills. The exhibition will start on 3 November and run until 16 November 2013 at the Great Cellar, Alphen Estate, Constantia, Cape Town. For more information, contact Dr Ralph Johnson at Alternatively visit