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Centenary Walks

Kirstenbosch Gardens is a venerable century old this year and in celebration, dedicated volunteer gardeners are hosting special Centenary Walks. The first walk will take place on 2 November 2013 and will be led by volunteer Jerry Adlard, who is personally invested in the flourishing of this great outdoor space. The walk will be a botanical and historical adventure aimed at taking a close and factual look at some of the Gardens’ oldest plants and trees, including a thousand-year-old Cycad. Walkers who are interested in gardening, local vegetation and history can join by booking via the information desk on 021-799-8783. Each walk is limited to twenty participants and is free (although normal entrance fees apply). There will be a range of walks throughout the month, each with a different focus. For more information, visit the SANBI website. Text Nadia van der Mescht