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Cemented Adoration

It's no secret we're a little bit crazy in love with luxury concrete applications here at HL and it's certainly a sentiment shared by much of the design world at the moment (take a look at this house built almost entirely out of concrete!). Who would have thought that something as pedestrian as cement would become a coveted, luxurious design element? Looking for some concrete inspiration? Have a look at some of the ways we've featured our cemented adoration:

1. Concrete and Sand Vases

Using a highly pressurised blend of concrete and coloured sand and handcrafted with blown glass, these vases by Annabella Vivas are masterfully created and offer an elegant yet striking decor alternative. 100-Percent-Sand-Anabella-Vivas-2  

2. Wearable Architecture

Who said concrete was just for staring at? Now you can wear a bit of this eye candy on your arm and take the hot trend with you wherever you go. Liani Douglas' geometric bangles are skillfully created using cast-concrete and brushed brass. FEATURE-IMAGE  

3. Concrete Tables

MRP Home's Cali Collection of metal and concrete-topped tables are a brilliant alternative to the humdrum. Simple and sturdy, these tables and servers make for neutral surfaces to showcase your favourite items. coffee-table  

4. Concrete Vases

Another version of the concrete vase, these ones are made entirely out of cast and formed cement. Available from Weylandts, these stunning and simple creations are perfectly suited to being grouped together or on their own. Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 11.35.05 AM  

5. Concrete Bowls

Too pretty to eat off, these decorative concrete bowls from 20 Eight Design would be a gorgeous placement option to house and display your trinkets for indoor and outdoor purposes. CONCRETE  

6. Concrete Floors

Economical and hassle-free, concrete floors are the latest rage in alternative flooring solutions. But don't worry - your home won't look unfinished or like a construction site - the floors can be customised to feature colours, gloss coatings and any design you desire. Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 11.51.02 AM  

7. Concrete Lamps

Another striking design from 20 Eight Design, these fully concrete lamps are ergonomically crafted so that the material and the form share an equal focus. light_13 READ MORE: Trend: Concrete Licence to Thrill For the Love of Concrete       Find quiet opulence and natural splendour in your copy of the August 2015 Luxury issue, on sale now!