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Cats are the Real Decorators

Anyone who owns a cat will know that they're fiercely independent little creatures that are just way beyond human control. What many feline moms and dads are not aware of, though, is the amount of control that our sweet furry friends have over us and our living spaces. A recent survey conducted by Houzz, an online community of homeowners and professionals (and reported on by The Huffington Post) has revealed that, yup, cats really are planning world domination, and they’re starting with your house. More than one-third of the 3 100 pet owners who responded to the questionnaire say that they have refurbished their home for the sake of their kitties in the last two years. Be it shifting around the furniture, re-landscaping the garden or renovating the flooring, changes were made specifically to cater to the needs of their cats, which is a clear indication of who really holds the reins. The survey also showed that almost half of the respondents have a special area in their houses dedicated to their little lions, be it a bed or bench, a play structure or an eating area. You can think of these spots as small cat kingdoms where humans dare not roam. Not to mention, if you regularly have the experience of hopping up from your warm spot on the couch to make a cup of tea only to return to find that a cheeky feline has stolen your perch, you’re not alone. A whopping 78% of people surveyed say their cats have unrestricted use of all their furniture, and 53% say that their purring pals sleep with them in their beds at night. So, the idea that your home is your own is a complete illusion. Very soon, our cats will be telling us who we can and can't invite over for braais and dinner parties too.